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Continuous Student Support

Student SupportBeginning a new path of learning may seem like a big step. However, studying homeopathy, whether it’s just for the sake of learning or to embark on a new career, will be one of the most rewarding undertakings of your life. It is of utmost importance that your learning process is stimulating, challenging, and extremely supported.

A unique and valuable aspect of your education at The Homeopathic Academy of Southern California is the large amount of support that the students can continually draw from throughout the program. It is not enough that students receive an incredible education each month while attending live class from our six Master Homeopaths and additional guest lecturers, the special touch is the personal support that continues far beyond the classroom:

    • Monthly Instructional Study Groups
    • Monthly Supervised Student Clinics
    • One-on-one Instructor/Student Mentorship Program with instructor of your choice.
    • Daily access (via phone/internet) to instructors, student supervisor and administration for answers and guidance on all aspects of your homeopathic education.
    • Student questions and answers shared via internet.
    • Festive student/instructor gatherings.
    • Shared insight from graduating students and alumni
    • CD sets of each class available to students for added support
    • We are always available to answer any of your question or concerns. Just let us know!

*Tapes available to Homeopathic Academy of Southern California students only.

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