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HASC logoHomeopathy is a profound method of natural healing that is the 2nd largest form of integrative medicine and the fastest growing in the world.

What is Homeopathy?

In the 1700’s, a brilliant German medical doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, had become disillusioned by the damage done by the medicine of the time. Also a scientist & superb linguist, while writing a medical paper about the effects of poisoning by cinchona bark, the source of the drug quinine, then & now an important treatment for malaria, Hahnemann noted how similar the effects of the poisoning were to the symptoms of the disease that it cured. He took a dose of cinchona bark himself & carefully noted the effects. This was the first “proving”. He said of it “that it is only by virtue of their power to make the healthy person ill that medicines can cure disease. By greatly diluting and succussing (shaking vigorously) the substance, all poisonous side effects were removed while retaining, or even enhancing their medicinal power.

This amazing natural system of medicine was named Homeopathy (from the Greek words meaning “similar suffering”). Homeopathy is based on the pharmacological law called the “Law of Similars” which explains the law of nature that every substance that can harm, can also heal. For instance, exposure to a raw, cut onion may cause burning, itching, weeping of the eyes and running of the nose. The Homeopathic remedy, Allium cepa, made from the onion, is effective in treating hay fever, watery eyes and nasal discharge. Ipecac derived from the plant Cephaelis ipecacuanha produces spasmodic irritation in the chest and stomach, causing vomiting if taken by a healthy person but if taken in tiny homeopathic doses will cure vomiting. Similarly, digitalis is made from the plant foxglove, which if eaten, can cause a weakened pulse, palpitations, and arrhythmia of the heart. Homeopathic digitalis will cure these same symptoms. And most important, cause no unwanted side effects.

Who Uses Homeopathy?

From Dr. Hahnemann’s early work, homeopathy spread throughout the world. Even the most cynical doctors who set out to disprove him, became his greatest followers.

It is used by millions of people around the world on every continent. In Africa, England, France, Germany, Holland, India, Israel, Italy, and South America, hundreds of thousands of medical doctors treat with homeopathy on a daily basis. The first medical schools in the USA were homeopathic, including the highly respected Hahnemann Medical College & hospital in Philadelphia. The oldest, functioning medical society in the USA is the American Institute of Homeopathy, founded in 1843. Today, over 5 million Americans visit homeopaths each year and increasing at a rate of 20 percent each year. Homeopathy is effective for children and adults of all ages.

How Does It Work?

Homeopathic remedies work by addressing the core source of the problem, assisting the body’s own healing energies, rather than overriding them by masking symptoms.

Symptoms of an illness are the body’s impressive attempts to return to normalcy. Therefore treating symptoms is often like shooting the messenger. This type of treatment suppresses the body’s natural ability to heal often forcing the imbalance deeper into the body.

Our body makes amazing efforts to heal but often needs help to complete the process, particularly when battling serious acute infections, chronic illnesses or genetic disorders. A well prescribed homeopathic remedy is usually all that is needed, acting as a catalyst to stimulate our innate healing system.

Treating the Whole Person Rather Than Symptoms Alone

Treatment is very individualized and addresses the whole person; the mental, emotional and physical aspects of a human being. As each person is truly unique, the same remedy, diet, or even the same general advice will not necessarily help everyone with the same ailment.

Choosing the correct remedy is a highly systematized method based on accurate information received about the entire person, including temperament, heredity, emotional & physical responses to their environment, and more.

We know that each person experiences symptoms in their own unique way. This picture of the “Totality of symptoms” is then matched with a specific remedy from over 4000 listed in the homeopathic materia medica. As a result, a state of balance is brought to all areas of being.

What Does Homeopathy Address?

Homeopathy not only offers fast relief from temporary disorders, but can provide deep healing of a person suffering from a chronic condition, whether physical, emotional or mental nature. We often see patient’s who have lived with these obstacles to health for many years, turning to homeopathy when all else failed and their illness has become more complicated due to the use of much medication. These cases also have amazing results using homeopathy, though our hope is to have homeopathy become the first choice in health care, as it is in many other countries. Homeopathy is a preventative method providing higher vitality and a greater resistance to all disease processes.

Some Conditions Homeopathy Can Treat:

First Aid: Shock, Trauma, Sprains, Punctures, Bites, Breaks, Cuts, Bruises, Burns

Acute Conditions: Pain, Headaches, Colds, Flu, Sore throat, Coughs, Fever, Vaccine Reactions,

Respiratory: Allergies, Asthma,Bronchitis, Sinusitis,

Musculoskeletal: Arthritis, Injuries, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, Back & Neck Pain

Hormonal: PMS, Menopause symptoms, Hot Flashes, Fibroids, Mood swings, Irritability, Chronic fatigue, Thyroid

Gastrointestinal: Indigestion, Nausea, Gastritis, Ulcers, Irritable Bowel, Diarrhea, Constipation, Food Allergies

Cardiovascular: High Blood Pressure, Anemia, Palpitations,

Emotional And Mental Stress: Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, Grief, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Animals: Very effective in treatment of all animals such as; Trauma, Injuries, Illness, Nervousness, Aggression, etc.

And So Much More…

Is It Safe?

Homeopathic medicines are FDA approved and are available over the counter. Remedies are so diluted that they are completely safe for everyone to take, from infants, and pregnant women to the elderly. They are non-addictive with no ill side effects bringing only cure and a better sense of well being.

Should Other Treatments Be Stopped?

Homeopathy is very integrative with most other modes of treatment. In most cases, homeopathy can be used along with conventional medicine to safely speed healing and facilitate the general well being of the patient. Always notify your homeopath of any/all medications you are taking.

Why See A Homeopath?

A Homeopath knows that what you are experiencing emotionally, will effect you physically & visa-versa. The objective is to see the entire “picture” of a person. A Homeopath is a lot like an artistic detective cracking a case. The initial visit is an in-depth investigation of careful listening & noting everything that makes you unique. This sum of information creates a “picture” which is then researched and matched to the best homeopathic remedy. The clearer the picture, the greater the success.

What To Expect From Homeopathy

For an acute ailment, you should usually see results within 24-48 hours, remaining in contact with your homeopath during this period. Treating constitutionally or chronic ailments, follow-ups are generally on a monthly basis. Follow-ups are very important to evaluate your progress and determine when and if a new remedy or potency is required. Homeopathic remedies act on the entire body, so you will often experience changes on all levels of being; mental, emotional and physical. Without interference, remedies can act over a period of up to several months. Once you have been on your constitutional remedy for at least six months, giant strides in healing will often take place, providing higher vitality and a greater resistance to all disease processes.

Appointments for Homeopathic Consultation

The Homeopathic Academy has several accomplished homeopaths available for private consultations, as well as greatly discounted appointments available through our professional clinic at the school. It is very important that you know the education and training of your homeopath, before making an appointment. Feel free to contact the school with any questions about finding a homeopath in your area or setting up a consult. Call 760-494-0542 or toll free 800-850-1582 or you can email us at: info@homeopathic-academy.com.

We look forward to helping you embrace a truly holistic method of healing to live life more fully, the ultimate freedom.

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