Our three year comprehensive program provides a total of 500 hours of classroom instruction offered in a flexible schedule of one weekend per month from September through June. Up to 500 clinical hours can be completed through our student clinic programs. Meets all requirements to prepare for national certification. HASC is in the process of being accredited by the newly developed board for Homeopathic education accreditation.

Curriculum1• NEW Beginner’s Online Class
A core understanding of Homeopathic Philosophy, Principles of use and case taking for those interested in primarily using this profound modality for their friends and family.

• Foundation Class: Year One
A core understanding of Homeopathic History, Philosophy, The Basis of Medicine, Materia Medica, Repertory Study and Therapeutic Case Taking

• Advanced Clinician Classes: Year 2 & 3
Further study of Homeopathic Philosophy & Materia Medica, Lesser known Remedies, Miasms, Sensations, Paper, Video & Live Cases, Clinically Supervised Case Taking and Case Management for those serious about becoming a practitioner.

• Clinical Training Program
Students evaluate patients under the supervision of a professional Homeopath within a live clinical setting.

• Mentoring Program
Work one-on-one with professional homeopaths to build confidence in your case taking, case analysis and case management skills. Mentoring bridges the gap from classroom to the workplace by preparing you to practice as a professional homeopath.

• Anatomy & Physiology- Separate course
Introduction to terminology and an in depth study of each system of the body, including pregnancy & labor with a homeopathic perspective.

• Pathology- Separate course
A comprehensive examination of the process of disease throughout the body’s systems utilizing a homeopathic perspective.


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