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After professionally training Classical Homeopaths since 1999, over 21 years. we are now offering our Course online via zoom in our interactive weekly evening classes in 6 week segments.

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NEW ONLINE 6 week BEGINNER CLASSES for Moms & Families

Homeopathic Academy is celebrating 20 years!

After training professional Homeopaths for 20 years. We have created a brand new 6 week ONLINE class dedicated to help new moms & families use the profound natural healing of Homeopathy with confidence for their loved ones.  Offered Oct 2020. Future Classes TBA


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If you’ve ever wished for a natural system of medicine to address health concerns, now you can learn the profound, safe & effective medical art of Homeopathy,  a 200+ yr old system that is the 2nd largest in the world & fastest growing…

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Homeopathy is Global

A Visionary Beginning

By Deborah Trotta, CHom, CCN.

Isn’t it interesting how having children is such a powerful catalyst for change? We get more serious about intellectualizing our “Beliefs” or Rulebook of Us, as I like to call it. We become more introspective about what we want to share and teach to our offspring. Our beliefs in Spirituality, Health & Nutrition, Education, etc. Life views and our carbon footprint suddenly become more important. Often some of these ideas are visited for the first time as new parents.

As a homeopathic practitioner, I am able to observe many of the conscious and unconscious circumstances that affect the psyche of each new being as she/he enters their world. I have also witnessed the influence of the global environment or “vital force” of society on our most recent generations.

The decisions we make now, for ourselves and our children will often have an effect that can last a very long time. How great would it be if we had the vision to start out with a deeper understanding of where we stand as parents and ultimately, as people; mentors, models, teachers, leaders, able to prevent so much confusion and suffering from the sampling of approaches till something works philosophy.

There is no replacement for experience, as having had an “indigo” child myself many years ago has taught me. Having said that, my commitment to find a “better way” ultimately lead me to Homeopathy. An incredibly profound system of natural medicine that has been” getting to the source” for hundreds of years, Homeopathy is the 2nd largest health care system in the world. Homeopathy does not require you to make an either/or decision about health care, it works well integrated with other methods. It’s purpose is not to mask or band aid symptoms, but to truly get to the core of the problem to improve health with a more permanent change and bring balance to an individual whether the issues are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, Strengthening long term health is the goal, which is why it makes sense to use homeopathy as primary treatment for much of what ails us. A trend that has been growing exponentially in the US, in the last decade, catching up with many other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America.

How timely that we have never been more open to change on a multitude of personal and national levels. This change, as witnessed by our past, doesn’t happen easily and without some shift in thinking.

Though cliché, children are our future and deserve the benefits of the best information available to us in the most globally accessible time in history. With that information must come action. Their enlightened spirits deserve nothing less and may even help enlighten some of us in the process.

Ironically, as children we are born with an innate ability to easily hear the language of our bodies, an intuitive power to ” listen to our gut”. Somewhere along the path of “instruction” that ability can slowly diminish and if not nurtured, is often lost altogether. Re-connecting with this ability is part of the Homeopathic experience and is cathartic in it’s own right.

Supporting our future generations best starts with being informed to make good personal decisions with confidence, from conception, childbirth and far beyond. What procedures or protocol is really necessary and what is the best choice for each individual? What does illness really mean and how best to address it so it actually strengthens the immune system, preventing chronic or degenerative issues later on. Homeopathy is about making choices that naturally support the body’s own incredible ability to heal while rebalancing potential genetic weaknesses.


Educating people has become a passion of mine that has grown into an outreach. As director of The Homeopathic Academy of Southern California. We offer an opportunity for people to become better informed, This allows us all to be better equipped to make good decisions for ourselves, our loved ones and the society at large.

The great thing about knowledge is that whether you are just starting out in life or are enjoying a brood of great grandchildren, it is never too early or too late to empower yourself and apply the wisdom from new ideas to make optimum choices for an improved quality of life. For our children and ourselves.

The Homeopathic Academy’s Mission is dedicated to making homeopathy a household word by educating and inspiring people to realize their own potential for optimum health and to professionally train those with a passion for healing others.

HASC has been training professional Classical Homeopaths since 1999 and offers a Homeopathic clinic that is open to the pubic at discounted prices. For more Information go to or Call 760-494-0542.

Classes run from late September through June and meet just one weekend per month. Our one year stand alone class is specifically for those more interested in treating their friends and family.


“The mind once stretched by a new idea, never goes back to it’s original dimension”         – Oliver Wendell Holmes


I invite you to begin your journey. Wherever you decide to begin, there is no better time.

Finding Your Passion

by Deborah Trotta, CHom, CCN.

We have become a society of choices, demanding it everywhere. Just beginning our day, we have 22 choices of coffee options to go with our 18 muffin varieties, and a choice of which six additions we want in one of ten custom smoothies. These seemingly insignificant choices we can certainly handle, but what happens when it really counts? Ironically, the little choices we make each day solidify the larger choice, conscious or not, of what we stand for, by what we spend time focused on.

Now for the big question. What do we want our life to stand for? Sometimes our daily lives are so far from where our heart and passion lies that it’s very difficult to remember. Often due to the thousands of little choices that steer us off track. We accept the daily “life” we’ve created, kept going by vacations, retreats and workshops, hoping to find a glimpse of our inner dreams again.

My path towards classical homeopathy was not a direct one. Seeking a “ Healthier Way”, I was fascinated by the human mind and why we do what we do, and dove into psychology. Recognizing that we are unique, multi-faceted individuals, I found the structure of diagnosis a bit limiting, turned to the physical body and focused on nutrition. This was also one piece of my puzzle towards optimal health, but alone seemed confining when even those truly committed found it hard to stick to a healthy regime.

Optimal health means freedom to be the person you were intended to be without mental or physical obstacles; high energy, good muscle development, smooth skin, clear eyes, normal appetite, good digestion and alert mental functions. Most of us are lacking in many of these areas, causing us to feel helpless in our battle of fighting constant symptoms. We retreat, accepting them as one of the by-products of today’s high tech world, or worse, jump on the merry go round of medication.

Do not be convinced you have to settle for this! It might require re-examining some of your beliefs, but imagine if there truly were no limitations…

Homeopathy is a truly holistic approach to optimal health. Very individualized, it addresses the entire picture of a person; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, recognizing the connection between an imbalance in one area to affect every other area. This 200 year old science of medicine addresses the source of the problem, assisting the body’s own healing energies, rather than overriding them by masking symptoms.

Symptoms of an illness are the body’s impressive attempts to return to normalcy. Therefore treating symptoms is often like shooting the messenger. This type of treatment suppresses the body’s natural ability to heal often forcing the imbalance deeper into the body. For instance, if you are treating eczema and ignore that it is a sign of an imbalance somewhere in the body, you will probably use a topical cortisone cream. The suppression of this attempt to heal can result in clear skin and the potential development of asthma.

Homeopathic remedies are made from natural sources, are FDA approved and so diluted that they have no toxic “side effects”. We know what a remedy can heal based on scientific data of what it has already healed in people. Gentle enough for infants, pregnant women and the elderly, remedies are effective as a complement to conventional treatment as well. Millions in this country and hundreds of millions worldwide use homeopathy as their primary health care.

Interesting to note that the first medical schools in this country were homeopathic colleges.

A person supported with homeopathy, often feels freed of the obstacles that have kept them from optimal health, whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual,

creating new found energy and focus for pursuing life’s more fulfilling goals.

If you are ready to embrace a truly holistic scientific system of healing to live life more fully- the ultimate freedom, the door to homeopathy awaits you.

Recognized throughout the world, The Homeopathic Academy of Southern (HASC) realized the need to professionally train classical homeopaths as this flourishing health care system grew in popularity again here in the states.

Training professional homeopaths since 1999, the Homeopathic Academy’s clinical program also offers homeopathic treatment at very discounted rates.

My passion is now realized every day as I am privileged to be part of so many being healed from homeopathy and also in supporting HASC students on their journey to live their passion for healing others.

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Homeopathy Treats Attention Deficit Disorder

A natural, effective alternative for children and adults suffering from ADD and ADHD.

Children are a large part of my practice. They each have their unique personality and I delight in their individuality. They sit in the chair across from me, or on the floor with the toys and say the most profound, insightful statements. I gain from there experience with the world. Many of them come to me for their recent diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder. Parents are often told to medicate these children. Some of their behavior and symptoms may be erratic, but do we want to squelch their positive attributes as well? For those parents who are looking for an alternative to medicating their children, there is a solution.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD or ADHD) is being diagnosed in epidemic proportions. At least 2 million children in the United States are prescribed stimulant medications for ADD. The number has quadrupled in eight years and is doubling every two years. Compared to other countries around the world, the United States prescribes five times the quantity of stimulants for children including Ritalin, Dexedrine and Cylert.(1)   A recent report by the United Nations revealed that 3 to 5 percent of all U.S. schoolchildren are taking Ritalin.(2)  This drug is derived from the same family as cocaine. In some schools, 30 percent of the children are on the drug. Few patients ever outgrow their need for drug therapy. Many stop because of side effects, including: appetite loss, anxiety, insomnia, tics, headaches and stomach aches. The Food and Drug Administration just released a study showing that high doses of Ritilan given to mice may cause hepatoblastoma, a rare form of liver cancer although the FDA still regards the drug as safe and effective.(3)

Life has become stressful and our nervous systems are becoming overwhelmed. Kids don’t have the time and space to be kids. Expectations at school and home are enormous. Each of us has our own unique way of dealing with life’s ups and downs, coping and managing from day to day.

People with ADD and ADHD display their stress in different ways depending on their unique make-up. With some children or adults, we will see distraction, spaceyness, boredom. Others may show compulsive tendencies, depression or aggression and lack of self confidence. As you see the picture can be very diverse, however the conventional approach labels each child or adult under one diagnosis. The symptoms are somewhat controlled as long as medication is continued. What happens when the underlying causes are never dealt with as the child goes into adulthood? The anger and/or depression have come about for a reason and will not magically disappear unless they are addressed.

Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D, in his controversial book, The Myth of the ADD Child, insists that ADD is a diagnosis aimed at forcing children to behave in a particular, narrowly defined manner.(4)  He claims that children have different learning styles, respond to stress in various ways and that the condition has been radically over diagnosed and over treated. He encourages a wide variety of non-drug interventions including adjustment of the classroom setup, more kinesthetic learning, project-based learning, martial arts classes, visualization and meditation.

A similar viewpoint is held by Peter Breggin, M.D., author of Toxic Psychiatry and The War Against Children. Dr. Breggin, a psychiatrist who refuses to prescribe Ritalin for his patients diagnosed with ADD, holds a strong belief that there is no evidence that symptoms associated with ADD constitute a diagnosis or a mental disorder. He voices strong concerns about the possibly damaging long-term effects of Ritalin.(5)

Homeopathy is an effective alternative to stimulant medication. Instead of suppressing the symptoms of restlessness, difficulty focusing, lack of behavioral control, Homeopathy gets to the root of the problem and works to heal the system into a state of balance. Each child is unique and because Homeopathy is treating the person rather than the disease, the individual is addressed for his / her special qualities and symptoms. The underlying causes of distress are many, including: anxiety, depression, fear, genetics ,grief, low self- esteem and anger. Homeopathy takes these things into consideration rather than labeling the children under one general diagnosis. Children with symptoms of ADD can also have very wonderful qualities. They are often curious, communicative, passionate and lively. We do not want to diminish these qualities. Homeopathy works only to address the symptoms that are out of balance. In addition, Homeopathy treats the same symptoms in adults suffering from ADD.

Homeopathic remedies will still work while the child is on his or her medication. Once they begin to respond, the medication can slowly be reduced under your doctors’ recommendation and care. It is important to understand that homeopathic remedies do not have a quick fix drug like effect. The patients system will gradually improve often with dramatic results after six months of treatment, possibly sooner. Patience is necessary. However, six months is not long when you consider years into the child’s future.

Finally, this article is not meant to criticize anyone who has chosen medication. In some cases, this route is effective and necessary. Remember, it is your own or your child’s health that you are considering and you need to be comfortable about the choices of treatment that you take whether you choose a stimulant, Homeopathy or other methods. Do not let anyone pressure you into a decision. Educate yourself.

Recommended reading: Ritilan Free Kids, Reichenberg-Ullman and Ullman

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Living Hormoniously – Homeopathic Treatment of Hormonal Issues

By Allison Maslan, Rshom(NA), CCH

Hormonal issues are a major topic these days. have seen an increase of women in my practice over the last few years with premenstrual and menopausal concerns. I recently lectured on this topic at a homeopathic conference in Colorado. Many attending homeopaths commented on experiencing the same increase in hormonal complaints in their practices. Why is this happening? The fact is, at this time, there are more woman entering menopause than any other period in history. The baby boomers are entering midlife. We also are barraged with hormones added to our meat and milk products. Children are beginning puberty earlier and earlier, and women are choosing to have children later. Breast cancer is on the rise over the last five years and so is society¡¦s use of estrogen. All these factors are affecting our endocrine system and our total picture of health.

Women are constantly inundated with information on menopause and hormone replacement therapy. The information on the benefits and side effects are changing all the time because we just do not have the long- term statistics of the use of hormones, natural or chemical, on our bodies. It all becomes very confusing. Women have been convinced that menopause is an inherent disease that must be eradicated. A healthier view is that menopause is a natural life process that can be supported and balanced, rather than altered.

Before I share with you the process of supporting menopause and other hormone related issues with homeopathy, here are the most current pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy.

The Pros of Estrogen

– Keeps skin and hair looking younger by promoting moisture retention in tissues.
– Keeps vaginal and mucous membranes moist
– Helps maintain bone mass and prevents osteoporosis
– Decreases the incidence of heart disease by retarding the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries.
– Reduces hot flashes

The Cons of Estrogen

– Promotes buildup of lining of the uterus increasing the risk of uterine cancer, especially when administered without progesterone.
– Increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer
– Increase in gall bladder disease
– Can cause migraine headaches
– Can cause unusually heavy bleeding
– Can cause depression

The Pros of Progesterone

-Promotes discharge of accumulated uterine tissue, thus reducing the risk of uterine cancer.
– Protects bone mass (new research shows this information is questionable.)
– Reduces hot flashes
The Cons of Progesterone

– Leads to fluid retention and weight gain
-Can cause vaginal bleeding
– Can cause severe depression, restlessness, anxiety and even psychosis.
– Increase in acne and unwanted hair
– Can reduce sex drive.

Each person will react individually to hormonal changes and hormone replacement because our systems are unique. Our own sensitivity level and history of hormonal issues along with many other factors, including genetics and our emotional state, create our personal picture of health. This is why homeopathy is an ideal way of balancing and supporting all types of hormonal issues from PMS and painful menses to post-partum depression and menopause.

How does this work? Homeopathy treats each case individually by addressing the whole person: the physical, the mental and the emotional. Do you find that what ever is a core emotional issue for you tends to worsen around your period or during hormonal changes? For example, if you have occasional feelings of low self -confidence and depression or carry around resentment or anger, you may notice them heightening around the times of your hormonal changes. Your hormones may be intensifying these feelings, often a great deal, during these times. Homeopathy not only addresses the imbalance of your hormones, but heals the underlying mental or emotional pain that you may be harboring underneath. This phenomenal system creates a sense of equilibrium by healing on a deep level, rather than just treating or suppressing outward symptoms. With the correct homeopathic remedy, the body and mind will regain the vitality and balance it once had without the use of chemicals or guesswork on our systems.

In your initial consultation, your homeopath will ask you many questions concerning your current and past symptoms, your emotional and physical history, your childhood, and much more to gain a complete picture of you. Then the practitioner will find a homeopathic medicine that matches your individual picture. There are over 4000 homeopathic medicines. (Homeopathic remedies are all FDA approved and over the counter. They are completely safe with no unwanted side effects. ) Homeopathy addresses all the issues of menopause including hot flashes, fatigue, insomnia, mood swings and more.

Let me give you a picture of one of my patients.
Female, age 32.

She had been suffering from extremely painful periods since age 14 when she began her menses. During this time, she would have to remain in bed due to the severity of her symptoms. She was a very sensitive child that carried feelings of abandonment from her father into her relationships as she grew into adulthood. And especially during the time just before her period, these feelings of insecurity and neediness would intensify. Now as a married woman with a young child, these feelings were beginning to interfere with her relationship and ability to cope as a mother. She began homeopathic treatment that addressed her entire picture. After a few months, everything started to improve. Even her husband began to comment on the new strength and confidence that she was exuding. Her physical pain reduced immediately. After six months, the progress was tremendous. It was a whole new lease on life for her because she was carrying around this physical and emotional pain for years. We often get so used to our pain that we don¡¦t realize how severe it was until it is gone and we finally experience well-being and peace of mind.

Remember, we are all individuals and it is always our choice as to what works best for us. If you feel comfortable with your current treatment, then that is what is right for you. Part of health is taking responsibility in our own life process. As a complementary method, homeopathic medicines continue to work while you are taking hormones or birth control.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that has been widely used over the last 200 years. This lengthy period of time has provided us with much experience and data on the long term use of homeopathy on our bodies. It is used by millions of people worldwide and part of traditional medicine in many countries including England, France and Germany.

The goal of living harmoniously is to go through the normal hormonal changes in life in the most harmonious way possible. Does that mean we want to go through these momentous phases of life symptom free? You may be saying, yes, that sounds nice! However, a large part of healing is recognizing and rejoicing in the innate wisdom of our body and our psyche on this natural evolution of our life¡¦s personal journey.

Hormone replacement information compiled from:
– Menopause and Homeopathy, by Ifeoma Ikenze, M.D.

The Homeopathic Treatment of Eating Disorders

By Allison Maslan, RSHom(NA)

Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia have become rampant in our time. As the years go by in my practice, I see more and more of these patients. Mostly women, however, men also suffer from this painful compulsion. Here are some startling statistics that you may not know about eating disorders.

1) The mortality rate for anorexia nervosa is higher than that of any other psychiatric disorder, and it is the leading cause of death in young women.
2) 10-20% of anorexics will eventually die from complications.
3) Female fashion models are 23% below what is considered normal weight.
4) Between 13% and 20% of college students report engaging in the binge/purge cycle of bulimia. Signs posted in one university’s women’s dormitory bathroom read: Please stop purging: stomach acid is destroying the plumbing.
5) 70-80% of 4th graders report they are dieting, some claiming they would rather be dead than fat.
6) An estimated 7 million women and 1 million men are suffering from eating disorders.

An eating disorder reflects a complete obsession with body image and food. This compulsion can be so severe that it becomes the focus of their entire existence and cripples them from functioning day to day in the real world.

The starvation can begin as early as birth. When caregivers do not properly comfort and nurture babies, these children grow up not knowing how to self soothe in a healthy way. Instead, they need to seek abnormal amounts of external comfort or relief. Caregivers, who do not accurately listen, acknowledge and validate, make it difficult for children, in turn, to learn how to validate themselves. This results in distorted, negative self-images or no self-image at all. Previous attempts to receive love and attention have brought disappointment, frustration, or even abuse. They turn to eating disorders as a substitute. They deal with indigestible facts and feelings by eating or not eating them, soothing their hurt by eating or not eating food, and gathering self-esteem in accordance with their ability to control food as they need. Their self-esteem is based on how well they control this food intake. If they fail at controlling their eating habits, (and they will because we all have the natural instinct to feed our bodies) they follow by abusing their bodies with starvation or purging. Then, this vicious cycle repeats, over and over again.

Societal influences and the media play a huge role in influencing the manifestation of eating disorders. Liz Taylor said, “The more you lose weight, the more they love you. It was not a healthy job.” In 1960, the model, Twiggy, was admired by many adult women who went on starvation diets to mimic her emaciated looks. There has been a dramatic change in our view of beauty over the recent decades. For example, in 1951, at the Miss America Pageant, Miss Sweden was 5’7” and weighed 151 pounds. In 1983, she was 5’9” and weighed 109 pounds. This epidemic has become so prevalent in our cultural landscape that we do not even recognize the illness as we look at it straight in the face.

What role can Homeopathy play in the treatment of eating disorders? Homeopathy treats the whole person, including, but not limited to, the symptoms of the eating disorder. Therefore, the remedy works to get to the core of why the compulsion is there in the first place. Whether the issue stems from an emotional, genetic or physiological trauma or imbalance, the homeopathic remedy can have a dramatically positive effect on the patient. By working to balance the entire system, Homeopathy is not just treating the symptoms of the eating disorder. It also works to create equilibrium in the patient. Therefore, when the system is in a state of balance rather than chaos, the compulsions of starving, bingeing and the delusions of distorted self-image begin to relieve themselves from the body. Over time, there can be a complete transformation from terrible suffering to a whole state of vital health. The difference between this and conventional treatments is healing the cause, not suppressing symptoms. Counseling is effective in these cases, of course, however, in combination with Homeopathy, healing is much more profound and lasting.

The homeopath takes a very involved intake to determine the complete picture of the patient. Then the homeopathic remedy is chosen that matches the state of the patient. (see like cures like in “What is Homeopathy?”) Eating disorders can be very deep seated. Sometimes the source of the eating disorder begins at birth or early childhood. Therefore, healing these deep cases may take some time. Although patients will see some response fairly early in treatment, monthly follow-ups are necessary for a period of time to monitor the state of the patient and ensure long term healing. . Often the homeopath works with a M.D. to monitor the patient’s weight and vital signs.

Many times patients do not want to admit to their eating disorder. This is a very private disease. That is one of the reasons they suffer so much. For healing to take place, there needs to be a moment of truth in facing the problem. Sometimes, just talking to the Homeopath can begin the healing process.

Allison Maslan, RSHom(NA) is currently writing a book on Homeopathy and Treatment of Eating Disorders.

Sources for this article:

KPBS Frontline Video entitled, “FAT”
Eating Disorder Sourcebook
Model: The Ugly Business of Being Beautiful, by Michael Gross Eating Disorder Web site

To Be a Healer

Should I join the Peace Corps? Volunteer in a soup kitchen? I was never quite sure how I would instill my healing abilities. While I always knew from a young age that I wanted to help people, in some capacity, I just never knew how. The method was a mystery for many years until I found my calling.

Many of you have the innate ability to be a healer. You heal your child’s wounds and wipe their tears. You lend your ear and your heart to a friend in need. You amazingly rise to the occasion in an emergency situation. Just having someone there to hold your hand when you are in pain, or to listen intently to your feelings of panic may seem very simple. However, these acts of giving are incredibly powerful, and truly healing.

I am a Homeopath. I have a private practice in Cardiff, California and I am also the Director of a Homeopathic school in Encinitas, California. And, this coming year, I am turning 40. Recently, I have been reflecting on the path that brought me to this milestone in my life. Until I finally found my calling, I was completely enslaved by my career. This was my history. I now feel very fortunate because it is my privilege to practice something that I deeply believe in and stand behind. My work is my passion. When asked the question, “What do you do?” I usually answer, “I practice Homeopathy.” And while Homeopathy is the science that I utilize, the truth is, first and foremost, I am a healer. So, in examining this purposeful journey, I have addressed the questions, “What is a healer and what has this role meant to me?”

Webster’s Dictionary defines:

Heal 1. to make healthy, whole or sound; restore to health; free from ailment. 2. to cleanse, purify: to heal the soul. 3. to effect a cure.

As a homeopath, healing is what I do on a daily basis. To make a profound difference on an individual’s physical and emotional health has taken years of commitment and determination in my study and practice. However, all of the technical and analytical skills that I have acquired in Homeopathy and patient management would not be nearly as valuable without the personal qualities that are so beneficial and effective in any healing field. To be a healer, one needs to build a report and a relationship of trust with their patient. The patient can often feel if you are sincere and taking their best interest into account. One of the most frequent comments I hear from my clients is that their practitioner spends more time looking at their chart than listening to their needs and complaints. The patient desires to be heard. For healing to take place, I believe these fundamental principles should exist: support, compassion, consistency and quality of care, respect, non- judgement, ethics and a determination to make a difference in an individual’s health.

The goal, always, is to remove pain and to reach a cure. I have witnessed countless success with Homeopathy, from the instant relief of an excruciating ear infection, healing of chronic insipid psoriasis, calming of rageful pms and menopausal symptoms to the balancing of deep depressive or anxiety ridden states. And sometimes, with the best of efforts, the presenting symptoms remain. Nevertheless, no one can discount the impact of this patient/ practitioner relationship. Just having someone there, listening and caring, is absolutely and undoubtedly healing. Many people do not experience this totality of care in their lifetime.

People often ask how I became a Professional Homeopath. What led me down this road? Was I always interested in Holistic Health? Like most people, prior to my introduction to Homeopathy, I did not even know what the word ‘holistic’ meant. Growing up in the mid-west, my mom dragged us to the doctor’s office any time we had the sniffles. Antibiotics, allergy shots, suppressants…you name it, we had them all. In fact, when I told my mother I was going to become a Homeopath, she thought I had joined a religious cult! (After years of evidence of the contrary, she has mellowed slightly.) So, when my clients come in feeling a bit skeptical, I do understand. Homeopathic Medicine is difficult to comprehend when you have been raised in a completely different mindset. It is something you just have to experience for yourself. And that is what I did.

At the time, I was the owner of a local advertising agency and mother of a beautiful young daughter. Working long hours, deadlines,,, number 10 on the stress meter. In marketing you are worth only as much as the success of your last campaign. This went on for years. As many of us do, I chose a career that brought monetary success and was accepted by my family and peers. But then why was I miserable? One morning on my way to work, I said to myself, “there has to be more to life.” I suddenly had the awareness that if I continued operating blindly in this manner, I would not be long for this world. That very day, a business associate/friend called and I shared my grief with her. She referred me to a very special husband and wife team who practiced Homeopathy. I had no idea that this would be the beginning of an entirely new path. Never experiencing holistic healing, I was a bit reluctant and pessimistic. In fact, when I approached their door, I almost turned around. My thinking was, “I will get over this. I can work through the rough spots on my own.” Then I thought, “what I am doing is obviously not working or I would not be standing here at this moment!” I really wanted to figure out how to get un-stuck and find the meaning and fulfillment that was missing in my life.

Well, needless to say, this became a regular stomping ground for me over the next year and half. At one time a complete foreign language, the words ‘holistic and Homeopathy’ soon became household terminology. Post-Homeopathic treatment, I was no longer afraid to make the transitions in my career and personal life. I realized that the “stuck” feeling had been a self-imposed burden. I finally grasped the freedom and courage to follow my heart. This experience was the turning point that led me to my destiny to study and eventually practice as a Professional Homeopath, and, more importantly, to feel whole again. (Whole is the essence of holistic. In balance on all levels: the mental, the physical and the emotional.)

Elizabeth Kubler- Ross quotes on finding work that resonates with your heart, “If you listen to your inner voice, your inner wisdom, you will not go wrong and you will know what to do with your life.”

So exactly what is Homeopathy? In the 1700’s, a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, discovered a different approach to medicine and healing which he called Homeopathy (from the Greek words meaning “similar suffering”). It is a natural system of medicine effective in treating many acute and chronic health problems. Hahnemann was frustrated with the treatment of disease during his time. He felt that the methods were often worse than the disease and that the essential care of the human being was not taken into account.

Hahnemann states in his treatise, Organon of the Medical Art ,“The physician’s highest and only calling is to make the sick healthy, to cure, as it is called. The highest ideal of cure is the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health; that is, the lifting and annihilation of the disease in its entire extent in the shortest, most reliable and least disadvantageous way, according to clearly realizable principles.”

Homeopathy is based on the pharmacological law called the “Law of Similars”, which states that any substance that produces specific symptoms in a healthy person when given full strength will cure a sick person with the same symptoms when given in a very diluted form. For instance, exposure to a raw, cut onion may cause burning, itching lachrymation of the eyes and running of the nose. Homeopathically, Allium cepa, a remedy made from the onion, may be used for hay fever, watery eyes and discharge. Ipecac taken by a healthy person will cause vomiting, but if taken in tiny Homeopathic doses will cure vomiting. Truly a genius and a rebel of his time, Hahnemann managed to create a new path that has healed millions worldwide.

Healing in small ways can create a huge impact on someone’s life. A mere compliment or smile can turn someone’s bleak day into a hopeful one. They may go home to their family in a better mood which affects the entire dynamic in a positive way. Whether healing is your profession, yearning or simply a quality that you possess, the community as a whole will always benefit from your efforts.

To be a healer is a privilege and an honor to humankind. I take my role very seriously as the client is entrusting their care with me. And, as much as I give, I receive back tenfold through tears of joy, laughter and lots of hugs. The rewards are endless and the potential for healing is boundless.