Finding Your Passion

by Deborah Trotta, CHom, CCN.

We have become a society of choices, demanding it everywhere. Just beginning our day, we have 22 choices of coffee options to go with our 18 muffin varieties, and a choice of which six additions we want in one of ten custom smoothies. These seemingly insignificant choices we can certainly handle, but what happens when it really counts? Ironically, the little choices we make each day solidify the larger choice, conscious or not, of what we stand for, by what we spend time focused on.

Now for the big question. What do we want our life to stand for? Sometimes our daily lives are so far from where our heart and passion lies that it’s very difficult to remember. Often due to the thousands of little choices that steer us off track. We accept the daily “life” we’ve created, kept going by vacations, retreats and workshops, hoping to find a glimpse of our inner dreams again.

My path towards classical homeopathy was not a direct one. Seeking a “ Healthier Way”, I was fascinated by the human mind and why we do what we do, and dove into psychology. Recognizing that we are unique, multi-faceted individuals, I found the structure of diagnosis a bit limiting, turned to the physical body and focused on nutrition. This was also one piece of my puzzle towards optimal health, but alone seemed confining when even those truly committed found it hard to stick to a healthy regime.

Optimal health means freedom to be the person you were intended to be without mental or physical obstacles; high energy, good muscle development, smooth skin, clear eyes, normal appetite, good digestion and alert mental functions. Most of us are lacking in many of these areas, causing us to feel helpless in our battle of fighting constant symptoms. We retreat, accepting them as one of the by-products of today’s high tech world, or worse, jump on the merry go round of medication.

Do not be convinced you have to settle for this! It might require re-examining some of your beliefs, but imagine if there truly were no limitations…

Homeopathy is a truly holistic approach to optimal health. Very individualized, it addresses the entire picture of a person; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, recognizing the connection between an imbalance in one area to affect every other area. This 200 year old science of medicine addresses the source of the problem, assisting the body’s own healing energies, rather than overriding them by masking symptoms.

Symptoms of an illness are the body’s impressive attempts to return to normalcy. Therefore treating symptoms is often like shooting the messenger. This type of treatment suppresses the body’s natural ability to heal often forcing the imbalance deeper into the body. For instance, if you are treating eczema and ignore that it is a sign of an imbalance somewhere in the body, you will probably use a topical cortisone cream. The suppression of this attempt to heal can result in clear skin and the potential development of asthma.

Homeopathic remedies are made from natural sources, are FDA approved and so diluted that they have no toxic “side effects”. We know what a remedy can heal based on scientific data of what it has already healed in people. Gentle enough for infants, pregnant women and the elderly, remedies are effective as a complement to conventional treatment as well. Millions in this country and hundreds of millions worldwide use homeopathy as their primary health care.

Interesting to note that the first medical schools in this country were homeopathic colleges.

A person supported with homeopathy, often feels freed of the obstacles that have kept them from optimal health, whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual,

creating new found energy and focus for pursuing life’s more fulfilling goals.

If you are ready to embrace a truly holistic scientific system of healing to live life more fully- the ultimate freedom, the door to homeopathy awaits you.

Recognized throughout the world, The Homeopathic Academy of Southern (HASC) realized the need to professionally train classical homeopaths as this flourishing health care system grew in popularity again here in the states.

Training professional homeopaths since 1999, the Homeopathic Academy’s clinical program also offers homeopathic treatment at very discounted rates.

My passion is now realized every day as I am privileged to be part of so many being healed from homeopathy and also in supporting HASC students on their journey to live their passion for healing others.

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